Does everyone qualify for the U.S. Bank Prepaid Debit MasterCard account?

Yes. Everyone qualifies for a Basic account just by registering their card through their school website.  By providing your Social Security Number during registration, we will validate your information and if your identity is validated, you will be upgraded to the Deluxe account. (See below for differences between a Basic and Deluxe account.)

What is the difference between a Basic and Deluxe account?

The only way to get money into a Basic account is through direct deposits from your school, such as school refunds or select University payments. There is no Social Security Number required for the Basic account.  The Deluxe account works just like the Basic account, but in addition you will be able to deposit money electronically from almost any source: a checking account, a savings account, direct deposit from your employer, other Deluxe account members, or even a parent or spouse. For the Deluxe account your Social Security Number is required during registration. Both the Basic and Deluxe accounts can be used at ATMs and for purchases everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted.

Why is a Social Security Number required for a Deluxe account?

In order to comply with the USA Patriot Act, Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who signs up for a Deluxe account. This is not a credit check and no one can be declined due to credit history. Since the Basic account can only be funded by your school, it is not required for that account.

If I enter my Social Security Number, am I guaranteed a Deluxe account?

No. During the registration process, we automatically validate the identity information you provided. In some instances, such as, new to the workforce, mis-keyed information, providing college address, recent name change or youth under age 18, this process may not be able to verify identity and a Basic account will be activated instead.

If I have a Basic account, how can I upgrade to a Deluxe account?

You can e-mail or fax to 1-866-904-1408 a copy of your Social Security Card AND one of the following:

  • U.S. State Driver’s License
  • U.S. State ID Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Resident Alien Card
  • Mexican Consular ID or Matricula Card
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S. Military ID

Within 2 business days of receipt of your documents, your Basic account will be upgraded to a Deluxe account.

Can I grant a parent, guardian or spouse certain access to my account?

Yes. With a Deluxe account, you are able to invite and grant one person access to your account. By inviting this person, you are giving them permission to view your deposit history and make online deposits to your account. You may also elect to grant this person view access of your entire transaction history (deposits and purchases) by logging into your account at

Why is my transaction showing as a different amount than on my receipt?

The use of your Campus Card at some merchants — for example, gas pumps, restaurants and mail-order companies — requires that your account has an available balance greater than the purchase amount to ensure sufficient funds for tips or incidental expenses. Use of the Campus Card at automated fuel dispensers requires a minimum balance of up to $100 for authorization, which is held and is not available for other purchases until the transaction settles. However, only the actual amount spent will be deducted from the account. You can avoid having funds held by paying inside for gas purchases.

How can I use my Prepaid Debit MasterCard account to pay for a hotel stay?

Hotels will verify that your Campus Card has sufficient funds to pay an estimated bill. That amount will be “held” in your account, making it unavailable for other purchases. When you check out, the “hold” will be removed and the actual bill amount will be deducted. You can avoid having funds held by using a credit card at check-in. Your Campus Card may be used to make the final payment. Please note, if you use the Campus Card to authorize your hotel, but pay with a different method at check out, the “hold” for the authorized amount may stay on your account for up to 21 days, making it unavailable for other purchases.

Can my Prepaid Debit MasterCard account ever have a negative balance?

In general, you cannot spend more than your account balance, any authorization request that is greater than the card’s available balance will be declined. However, there can be times when a merchant puts an item through without prior authorization. If a negative balance occurs, the card recipient will be required to make a payment to cardholder services to cover the negative amount. If the account remains in a negative status for 90 days, the account will be automatically closed. If the account has been closed and payment received, you can call the toll-free Cardholder Services number 1.855.613.9098 to reopen the account.

Payments should be sent to:
Campus Card Cardholder Services
P.O. Box 9127
Minneapolis, MN 55480

What do I do if I’ve misplaced my Campus Card?

You should immediately visit to suspend your Campus Card if it is ever misplaced. Any scheduled deposits will still be accepted, but purchase and ATM transactions will be declined. When you find your card again, you can unsuspend it, and it will return to full functionality. Be sure to contact your Card Office to secure any on-campus accounts that you may have.

Where do I get a replacement card?

If you received your original Campus Card from your school, you will need to get a replacement card at the same location. There is no charge from U.S. Bank to replace your Card when issued by your school. Your school may charge a replacement fee. When you receive your replacement card, log into My Account at, choose “Replace and Activate” under “Account Activities” to link the new card to your existing account.